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 Alternative Bands - A to Z     ("N" bands shown)
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n a band  (Alternative:Alternative General)
N Chant  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 Rok Roln is the new and exciting artist who is going to take the music world by storm. His songs are rich in melodies and originality. So hold on for the ride of your life.
N Strawberry  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
N-A (aust)  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 n/a a new band from geelong australia we play rock funk and alternative music
N-E-P  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
 new style
n-Track All-Stars  (Alternative:Alternative General)
n00b0rz  (Alternative:Experimental)
n0nE  (Alternative:Alternative General)
N0Rb3Rt0  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 rock, alternative metal cool deftones linkin park
n0xious Ashlee  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 Ashlee, solo-singer.
n2k5  (Alternative:Alternative General)
N380  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
N3S  (Alternative:Alternative General)
N8Naked  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 Just N8
Nabil Shahzad  (Alternative:Alternative General)
naboo  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 alternative athmospheric rock
Nabz  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 An underground alternative rock band making unique and original concept-based music. Consisting of four members, this band does not restrict itself to commercial music which gives the freedom to write deep, well-sought lyrics and construct stronger..
NaCH (Sodium Channel)  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 Please visit
Nachoman  (Alternative:Experimental)
Nag Hammadi  (Alternative:Shoegaze)
Nagas2  (Alternative:Dance-Punk)
 Paul Hayles (ex-Hawkwind, Lastwind and others) formed the band in 2014 after meeting Ken Higgins (poet and singer) in Bangkok. Nueng, a Thai, joined as lead guitarist.
Nagesh  (Alternative:Alternative General)
Nah Lee  (Alternative:Alternative General)
Nahuales  (Alternative:Experimental)
 Simples proletarios con hambre de trascendencia
naicon872002  (Alternative:Cover Songs)
naimusicministry  (Alternative:Indie)
 If you like the sample songs.. order the cd at Get CD and poster for only $10 .. Also get your Nai Music Ministry shirt Join Nai at
najisooda  (Alternative:Cover Songs)
NAKED (uk)  (Alternative:Indie)
NAKED BELIEF  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
Naked Folk  (Alternative:Indie)
 A mixed bag of indie folk rock, electronica (minimalist), beats, film music and such. These are all recorded at my basement studio Saving Grace Studios, which is part of Saving Grace Records. Love Peace and Bliss Everyone.
Naked Hans  (Alternative:Experimental)
Naked In The Rain (USA)  (Alternative:Alternative General)
Naked Philosophy  (Alternative:Indie)
 True indie rock recorded in an honest-to-god basement. Think of your favorite 60's folk rocker getting hit over the head with a keyboard while a stack of amps falls on him.
Naked Picassos  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 Free mp3. Los Angeles based. Naked Picassos. free mp3's.
Naked Picnic  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 We are an Alternative type band and you should like us if you listen. Just give it a chance and if you like it comment on it or tell your friends.
Naked Raven  (Alternative:Indie)
 Acoustic, melodic, pop, folk, classical influence, strings, guitar, cello, violin, female vocal, beautiful, cute girls, women, Australia, interesting, original, quality,
Naked Violet Music  (Alternative:Avant Rock)
 Lush melodic, experimental, Blues Rock, semi-acoustic lyrical melodic alternapop, the great melting pot, Estranged Spirit, Why does this happen, Estrogen-fueled power pop-RAWK, heartcore, Pop meets Sexy Edged Rock, It's just like Yeah!, Eth..
nakedzen  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
NAKIRI Band  (Alternative:Indie)
Nalgada  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
nalin  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
Nam June Robot  (Alternative:Experimental)
 An audio sketchbook. Independent, solo, experimental, artcore, progressive, post rock, avant rock, math rock, folk, art rock,
Nam-Shub  (Alternative:Avant Rock)
nama  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
namaqool  (Alternative:Experimental)
Namaste  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
 A Brasilian band, mixing agressive vocals and guitars. The songs are something like deftones, hopesfall and across five aprils. Listen to us and know the songs from Brazil.
NAME  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 Classic Rock, Punk Rock, Glam Rock, Gothic Rock, We Rock, Freedom Rock, Metal Rock.
Name Comes Later (OH)  (Alternative:Alt Punk)
 Lots of energy and fun
Name Subject to Change  (Alternative:Grunge)
Name Witheld  (Alternative:Alt Power Pop)

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