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Miami Bass
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 Alternative Bands - A to Z     ("D" bands shown)
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D 'n' A (Qc Canada)  (Alternative:Cover Songs)
 cover punk ugly suck fuck bĂ©rurier noir punk
D Allen  (Alternative:Cover Songs)
D ASH Spinner  (Electronic:Experimental Sounds)
 I'm me and i do cover mixes of the songs you want so HMU and request and I'll sell a great original Mix of the songs you want kinda like daniel kim but in a different way
d i b r a  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
D K Palmgren  (Alternative:Cover Songs)
d maximus  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 High-energy jams.
d neptune  (Alternative:Indie)
D String  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
d von  (Alternative:Alternative General)
D'Arc  (Alternative:Indie)
D'arcy Daguere  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 vocal acoustic singer songwriter
d'band'dot  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 Iwan ( Vocal 1 ) Fay ( Vocal 2 ) toenggoll ( Guitart 1 ) Wawan ( Guitart 2 ) Manand ( Bassist ) Anto ( Drummer )
d'Linhpow  (Alternative:Grunge)
D'SAKUERDO  (Alternative:Alternative General)
D-715 Pirates  (Alternative:Alternative General)
D-dub aka Dj will  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 Former rapper, Now I sing and play guitar and rap a little.
D-ex-M  (Alternative:Alternative General)
D-H Echoes  (Alternative:Alternative General)
D-Lyria  (Alternative:Alternative General)
D-Punch and the Bedroom Bully  (Alternative:Indie)
 Two guys really drunk and paying homage to their Rock'n'Roll roots.
d-thinker  (Alternative:Experimental)
 experimental, diary thinker, philosophy, psychology, dance, cool, inspiring, vague, gothic, goldenultra,
D-Wone  (Alternative:Alt Punk)
 An all singing all dancing alternative punk band Who have nice flashing lights on the back of their leather jackets
D.Action Productions  (Alternative:Experimental)
 Rock Pop Experimental - Bassist/Keyboardist/Drummer - Music Production/Recording/Mixing/Editing
D.ant.E (ina)  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
D.Givens (solo)  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
d.wilson  (Alternative:Avant Rock)
D.Y.L.P.H.s  (Alternative:Alt Power Pop)
d0wnshifter  (Alternative:Alternative General)
d1sturb3d  (Alternative:Experimental)
D34dBaWx  (Alternative:Grunge)
D4  (Alternative:Alternative General)
d77e  (Alternative:Alternative General)
da benediction  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
da cosmical pimp  (Alternative:Experimental)
 sick in the head twisted demented shyt
Da Di Da  (Alternative:Indie)
 Da Di Da aims to create unique work which is note worthy among the current music community. Heavily influenced by bands, who have been influenced by early blues musicians, Da Di Da strives to bring soul and intensity back into energetic music.
Da Final Foe  (Alternative:Alternative General)
Da Fungus  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 Alternative, Punk, Emo, Instrumental
Da Genies  (Alternative:Alt Punk)
 Artificial synchronicity linguistic manipulation thought control and the true nature of reality for dummies Free your mind
Da Impact  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
da kid streetz  (Alternative:Indie)
Da Tong  (Alternative:Alternative General)
DA TRAP GEE  (Alternative:Alt Power Pop)
DA'RK PRODUCTON  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
Daan Zonderland  (Alternative:Experimental)
Daansizzle  (Alternative:Alternative General)
DAAR -The Fear  (Alternative:Avant Rock)
Dables  (Alternative:Experimental)
 david walker solo dables
dabone rough drafts  (Alternative:Experimental)
Dace Likethefish  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
 It's just me.
dachmusic  (Alternative:Alternative General)

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