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 Alternative Bands - A to Z     ("B" bands shown)
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bedframechiller  (Alternative:Experimental)
Bedroom Studios' Tunes  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 The tunes of Bedroom Studios.
bedtime  (Alternative:Experimental)
Beechstreet Avantgarde  (Jazz:Free Jazz)
 Avantgarde, free jazz...
Beefhoven  (Alternative:Experimental)
 Industrial Art Metal
beefsore  (Alternative:Experimental)
 we're beefsore. check it out.
beefwontons  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 funny..nice.. good..
Beefy Cake  (Alternative:Alternative General)
Beejae  (Alternative:Indie)
 Ivy League Rock (phrase coined by Beejae in August '05)
Beekeepers Society  (Alternative:Indie)
 Indie rock, experimental, space pop, alternative
Beenie Man Snow  (Alternative:Alternative General)
beep squawk  (Alternative:Experimental)
 experimental Jungle and Spoken word with lots of references to electronic music of the 1950's and 1960's
beeper free youth  (Alternative:Experimental)
 total electronic brutalicore, the total hurt package, cue the drums, cue the beep beep, tear it down!
beepoid poolord  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
Beeske  (Alternative:Alt Power Pop)
 Jazzy-emo-bound. I wish I was. Jazzy-emo-bound.
Beetlenuts  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
Beez Neeze  (Alternative:Experimental)
beezdeez  (Alternative:Indie)
Beezer T Pudwhacker  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 Hard Edged, Grungy, Doom, Stoner Rock, with many twist.
Beezyinc  (Alternative:Experimental)
Before 9  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 A rockin unsigned modern rock alternative band from the South Check us out
Before All Fails  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
 Melodic Hardcore
Before Beyond  (Alternative:Alternative General)
Before Nothing  (Alternative:Indie)
before room732  (Alternative:Experimental)
 THIS MUSIC IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE AT - THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE of franks-and-free (franksspace is the mother of franks-and-free :-))
Before Summer Ends  (Alternative:Indie)
 Before Summer Ends is an indie rock group all the way from Crystal Lake, Illinois. We have been playing together for about 3 years. we are still young but we are hoping to keep playing shows and get people looking at us. well check us out hope you ..
Before the Solstice  (Alternative:Indie)
 Before the Solstice makes dissonant melodies of man's pursuit of purpose, the pain and joys of life, and their striving for a golden age.
Behind Autumn Clouds  (Alternative:Indie)
Behind Bad Luck  (Alternative:Ska)
Behind the Curtain  (Alternative:Experimental)
Behind The Truth  (Alternative:Alt Punk)
Behind The Walls Of Revolution  (Alternative:Experimental)
 f*** Jonny Quest , Godspeed You Black Emperor , The One AM Radio , Set Fire To Flames , Molasses , Valley Of The Giants , Behind The Walls Of Revolution , Post Rock, Broken Social Scene , Experimental , Indie , Experiemental , Sleep
Behind The Wire  (Alternative:Pop Punk)
 The idea behind Behind The Wire started when Josh Caldwell and Travis Fox realized their common interest in music. Together they began searching for other band members. In the fall of 2009, Tim Eastland joined the band, and soon after, James John was add
Behn  (Alternative:Alternative General)
BEiLA ROSE  (Alternative:Cover Songs)
Being Of Sound Mind and Body  (Alternative:Indie)
 Psychedelic Indie Rock with wide dynamics, and weird atmosphere
beirne  (Alternative:Alternative General)
Bekie  (Alternative:Experimental)
BekirKahraman  (Alternative:Alt Power Pop)
 Bekir Kahraman
Bel Auburn  (Alternative:Alt Power Pop)
 Hailing from central Ohio, Bel Auburn is about finding the color to the world around us and connecting with all those we come into contact with. Melody-driven and powerful, Bel Auburn's songs will find their way into your daily rhythm.
Belam17  (Alternative:Indie)
 Electric, acoustic, alien, mechanical, strange, honest, homegrown, dance, cry, laugh, sleep and mabey just enjoy.
Belemilia  (Alternative:Experimental)
Belenger  (Alternative:Other Alternative)
 - Belenger (pronounced be-'laen-gaer) - One man band, one man project (w/ the exception of the drummer) - Always keen to break new ground - A sweet tooth for twilight moods and existentialist themes - European sound for the retro-future
Belgium in Jacqueline's eye  (Alternative:Indie)
 Grupee ish Lietuvos...
Believers In Christ (BIC)  (Alternative:Alternative General)
Belinda Subraman  (Alternative:Experimental)
Bell Astoria  (Alternative:Alternative General)
Bella Bee  (Alternative:Alternative General)
bella sylva  (Alternative:Indie)
BellaDamiao  (Alternative:Experimental)

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