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All Human Parts Orchestra  (Alternative:Avant Rock)
 Songs of harmony, dissonance, and structured chaos
Asian She  (Alternative:Indie)
azwel  (Alternative:Brit Pop)
 Similar artists: Pet Shop Boys, Scott Walker, Pulp, Space, The Divine Comedy, Suede, Blur, High Llamas, Stereolab, Radiohead, Trash Can Sinatras, Prefab Sprout, Teenage Fanclub, Morrissey, Electric soft parade, Bernard Butler, Nobou Uematsu, Ben Fo..
Brad Fresharra  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 Songwriter,Performer,Key West,Brad Fresharra,michelle dravis,redawg,janelle stewart,tommy sims,solinski,chris jamison
Carlo D'Anna  (Acoustic:Acoustic Guitar)
 Finger style and Acoustic Progressive guitar, flute, synth and Mellotron.
CRAYMO  (Alternative:Indie)
 Indie pop/rock singer/songwriter. Anti-bullying song One Love One World, an anthem of equality, tolerance, anti-bullying, human rights and world peace. Original Happy Birthday song. Film and TV music licensing.
Dar Shelton  (Acoustic:Acoustic Guitar)
 Solo acoustic fingerstyle guitar . Mutant synthesizer music . And now : EBow on acoustic and electric guitar. Trippy stuff, but no brain cells were chemically altered in the making of this music.
donnaspage  (Country:Country General)
Drondamus  (Metal:Doom Metal)
Elyse Haren  (Alternative:Alt Power Pop)
FAM 4 GDZ  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 SoundClick FAM Program for the SoundClick General Discussions Forum in the SoundClick Community Board
First Line Third Planet  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 First Line Third Planet walk the line between loose indie rock and heavier rock to form a sound that uses the members individual styles to there potential.
glass cage  (Alternative:Emo)
 Eclectic,English eccentricity. A touch of Electronica a dash of indie Jazz and Folk too,plus ocasional full on guitar playing and fiddle scraping. A bit of pretentiousness, a dash of humour, and devil may care attitude. keyboards and a lot of Piano too
Grand Jury  (Alternative:Brit Pop)
 We are one-man band playing mostly our own compositions heavily influenced by Big-beat styles of 60-80s and a little Blues-flavour.
Hanne Hukkelberg  (Alternative:Indie)
I Fight Dragons  (Alternative:Alt Power Pop)
Independent Music Awards  (Alternative:Indie)
James Hooker  (Alternative:Indie)
 Songs written and performed by the Grammy Award Winning founding member of The Amazing Rhythm Aces
Jan Cleary  (Alternative:Indie)
 Independent female singer/songwriter, guitarist from New York City. All original compositions.
John Holgate  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 Acoustic, Alternative, Blues and Rock
john knox  (Pop:Pop Rock)
 I make music with featured guest players. Most of the material is alternative and I also like to use chords and rhythms with a jazz or r&b feel. Most of my music also has an ambient quality.
Kathy Reynolds  (Rock:Folk Rock)
 rock, blues, acoustic and anything.
Madam Robot and the Lust Brigade  (Alternative:Avant Rock)
Manfred's Mirror  (Alternative:Experimental)
 Me in a small room with a lot of noise producing devices
Mark Gates  (Alternative:Alternative General)
Nam June Robot  (Alternative:Experimental)
 An audio sketchbook. Independent, solo, experimental, artcore, progressive, post rock, avant rock, math rock, folk, art rock,
Pedestrial  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 Anything you like, classical to thrash, ambient to industrial
Penny's Scar  (Alternative:Experimental)
 Penny's Scar takes you on a chilling journey into a world saturated with serial killers, abuse, war, and addiction. Wading through the darkness where hope is tucked away in the cracks and crevices of our world.
Perry Stanley  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 Rock , alternative, Easy listening, pop,
richard handwerk  (Alternative:Alternative General)
Riverwolfthyme  (Alternative:Alternative General)
Samiam  (Alternative:Alt Power Pop)
 Pop Punk. As rough as life gets SAMIAM know how essential it is that the music remains uplifting.
SAMSARA.rocks  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 SAMSARA is an Alternative Hard Rock / Psychedelic Rock band formed in Montreal circa '96. Promoting non-violence, intellectualism and Social Justice and aiming to move you both physically and emotionally.
San Fernando Allstars  (Urban:R&B/Soul/Pop)
Tad Winklarz  (Instrumentals:Film Music)
The Fantastic 5  (Alternative:Indie)
 Indie Rock ala the Pixies with a punky edge
The Mercies  (Alternative:Alt Power Pop)
 Bombastic pop with tinges of New York artistry; bratty Brit-pop fused with Soul thump; low tech yet state-of-the-art, raw yet refined, catchy yet somehow elusive.
The Sleepy Jackson  (Alternative:Alternative General)
The Story Of  (Alternative:Indie)
The Trouts  (Alternative:Brit Pop)
 Pop/Indie, guitar band with a quirky and original sound.
Thielus Grenon  (Alternative:Avant Rock)
 Take a look: acoustic guitar, alternative, classical, film music, experimental, metal, and rock, playing all instruments and writing all compositions himself.
Uncle Samuel  (Alternative:Alternative General)
 Solo,keyboard and synth improvisations with vocals

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