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 Acoustic Bands - A to Z     ("O" bands shown)
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O  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
O'Cumneagham  (Acoustic:Folk)
O. Nocturne  (Acoustic:Acoustic Guitar)
 Acoustic/electric progressive quasi technical dark music
O. Suncin  (Acoustic:Cover Songs)
O2 Band  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
Oak Soul  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
Oaktown101  (Acoustic:Acoustic Guitar)
Oasisx7  (Acoustic:Cover Songs)
 Singing and dancing
Oasys  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
 Spoken Word
oaxen  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
obaua  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
Objective Perspective  (Acoustic:Acoustic Vocals)
 anything goes acoustic improv
obligato sms  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
Oblio's bullshit  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 crap to fix cars to
Oblivion gr  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
Oblra  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 Thats a good one...
Oborosama  (Acoustic:Cover Songs)
Obsidian Ranger  (Acoustic:Cover Songs)
Obsolete Faith  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 Solo Acoustic Rock
Occular Sodomy  (Acoustic:Acoustic Guitar)
 I'm just a drummer who plays guitar, man. Not much else. But I love music. 'Tis my life, you know. Enjoy some of my covers and some of my originals.
Oceanic (US)  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 damn good acoustic indie rock
Oceansaudio  (Acoustic:Acoustic Guitar)
Oche  (Acoustic:Acoustic Piano)
OCIN  (Acoustic:Folk)
OCN ( Online Collaboration Network)  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
Octavia Neptune  (Acoustic:Acoustic Vocals)
 Octavia Neptune, songs about animals and nature, with acoustic vocals, autoharp, piano and synthesizer.
October Nights  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
 There's always something in the air on cool October nights. Memories stir, while life seems to seep into everything surrounding you. Nostalgia is everywhere, and though it doesn't necessarily feel good, it feels close, almost indescribable. These a..
October Owl  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
October Sky  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 October Sky is a solo emo-acoustic act composed of an acoustic guitar and vocals. The songs make you feel close to home, and dreams depict reality from an outsiders point of view of an insider.
Odds and Ends  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
OdedShafran  (Acoustic:Cover Songs)
ODi  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
odie demo  (Acoustic:Acoustic Guitar)
Odio y Amor  (Rock:Rock General)
odoyle  (Acoustic:Acoustic Vocals)
ODYC  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 ODYC - minneapolis based folk rock group - new album Black Sun Rising. Bart Phillips, Lucas Shogren, Jeromy Darling, Matt Terry, Jason Roath
Off An Running  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 Our band has been around for about a month haha and been playing each for about 2 years but I think that we have something. We do a lot of covers but as time continues you will see more originals and better songs
Off Pitch  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 acoustic and rock, with a hint of alternative waiting to break out.
Off The Atlas  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
Off The Wagon  (Acoustic:Cover Songs)
Off to California  (Acoustic:Folk)
 We have been performing music of the California Gold Rush together since 1991, some of it committed to film and recordings, most of it at historic events around the gold country of northern California.
Officer 67  (Acoustic:Acoustic Guitar)
 Peter Erickson & Mark McClellan formed Officer 67 in late 1990 in Norman & play around the Norman & OKC area. Later Dean Brown joined us on drums. Our style is acoustic & play anything from Beatles to Crowded House, from REM to Wilco.
Official 2 A.M  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 2 A.M consists of 3 people, Hannah Lock (Vocals / Guitar) : Dempsey Faulk (Vocals / Guitar) : Joshua Thomas (Manager / Percussion). We are a Acoustic Rock band from a small town in Kentucky. And we play music that happens in day to day life.
OFFICIAL CIVILIAN'S  (Acoustic:Cover Songs)
Offshore Acoustic  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 After starting out in the Tiki Bars of Cocoa Beach in 2008, Offshore Acoustic is a folky and relaxing acoustic-based singer-songwriter driven band. The band's latest album, Liquid Music for Your Soul, fuses Griffin Smith's bouncy hooks and irreverent
OftheSeven  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
Ofui  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
 Ofui is eclectic electric and acoustic. Ofui is NOT an acronym. Ofui is freely distributed. Ofui is repressed. Ofui is contrived. Ofui is what it is.
ogag  (Acoustic:Folk)
OgameBend  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
Oh Foot  (Acoustic:Folk)

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