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Alan Horvath  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 Alan puts it all together into his own form of music, self-labeled Acoustic Rock ... for real -- featuring a stylistic and powerful vocal style, charged by aggressive and concise acoustic guitar playing.
Alex Kriukov  (Rock:Acoustic General)
 Beautiful instrumental guitar music.
Alistair S  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
Alternative Cow Punk  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 I can't ignore this, not anymore and if no one else noticed would it still exist? - Joel Byrum from the song Daniel's Lament
Benjamin Oaks  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 acoustic rock and punk influenced blues
doreen and john  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
 We live in the West Midlands U.K. Our style is simply acoustic and vocal 'on the warm heart side of cool'. Self Penned love songs and songs with a thruthful and inspirational message intended to reach anyone needing encouragement.
drDave Elliott  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
FAM 4 GRZ  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
Golden zebra  (Acoustic:Acoustic Vocals)
 golden zebra
Hugh Spinney  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
 Acoustic guitars with vocal harmonies
J C Carroll  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 Multi Genre Musician and Composer
Jeffers  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
Jerry Matthews  (Acoustic:Acoustic Piano)
 Story telling without saying a word..The piano styles of Jerry Matthews..
Jodee James  (World:Traditional Celtic)
 If i could sound like anything, i would wish it was the wind and sky - maybe a bit of waterfall and the breath of the forest ;) i sing and play guitar - some songs are Welsh folk songs (or at least start out as that) others legends and poetic ramblings ~
Jonathan Keppler  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
Kate Blundell  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 Contemporary Folk, Acoustic, Chilled Out..
Marc Meyers  (Acoustic:Folk)
 Songwriter & Solo Artist
Matt Arnott  (Acoustic:Acoustic Guitar)
 Matt Arnott plays guitar
Michael Holmes  (Acoustic:Acoustic General)
 Singer/Songwriter from the Hudson Valley of New York, Michael's music is anchored by his voice and his simple, yet elegant style of writing. Creating Colorful musical images both dark and whimsical this artist delivers inspiring music.
Paul Jeffery  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 Uk-based male singer-songwriter
Pianoman.one  (Acoustic:Acoustic Piano)
 Just Tony and a Piano . . .
Rob Lincoln  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 Tom Paxton meets Jefferson Airplane. Extremely prolific singer songwriter with a wide range of styles from bizarre novelty tunes and surrealistic poetic songs to political and historical ballads. Folk rock, acoustic pop and occassional love songs. Cat..
Sara Bancroft  (Acoustic:Acoustic Piano)
Sharma  (Acoustic:Acoustic Vocals)
 Just me, and those who continue to inspire and help me better myself and my work.
Steele Hart  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
 The Steele Hart sound is inspired primarily by British, French and American recording artists; a subtle European ambiance with strong traditional and familiar American acoustic rock and blues style.
Sue Bargh  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
Yoshie Kubota  (Acoustic:Acoustic Piano)
 Warm touch and relaxing piano solos and ensemble pieces. Mixed of peaceful feelings and emotional moments. It is like a meditation. You won't need sleeping pills anymore! You will be healed by Yoshie's sound. Like a Vitamin for your heart...
Zoetrope  (Acoustic:Acoustic Folk)
 Zoetrope's music is best described as Folk Hop, combining the funk and groove of modern rhythms with the angst and ire of folk vocals and lyrics

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