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What is SoundClick:
SoundClick, established in 1997, is an originator of the social media format. SoundClick continues to be the leading free music community featuring signed and unsigned bands plus state of the art social media tools.
SoundClick offers free member profile pages, mp3 downloads, streaming audio and video, music charts, custom radio stations, a proprietary music store, message boards, lyrics and music e-cards. SoundClick also offers users the ability to promote their favorite music with viral widgets.
With 3.4 million members and 70+ million monthly pageviews, SoundClick is the ideal destination for original music fans and marketers who want to engage them creatively.
SoundClick Statistics
   · more than 60,000 new songs approved each month!
   · more than 6,000 new bands approved each month!
   · serving songs since 1997
Free services for bands
   · free artist page
   · free MP3 store: sell your songs as digital downloads
   · unlimited song uploads
   · band approval: within 24 hours
   · after approval: instant approval of songs
   · private band message board
   · gig calendar
   · music charts
   · lots more
More free services
   · free member page for all music lovers
   · playlists, blog, photos, videos
   · connect directly with bands and like-minded people
   · lots more
Optional fee-based services for bands
   · VIP accounts ($9.95/month) with Flash page, ad-free, background radio, 320 kbps mp3 option, 40MB/song uploads, deep-linking,.....
   · Promotion tools ($4.95/month) with frontpage rotation as 'featured band', chart highlight.
So welcome to the #1 artist music community welcome!
If you're a music-lover... find tons of great bands and full-length songs here. All songs are available in streaming audio in up to near CD quality, and most of the songs are also available as free legal MP3 downloads.
Most important: you are part of an active social community which is all about music. Create your own playlist to share with others and align yourself with your favorite bands.
But you can also upload photos and videos, share your thoughts on your blog, hook up with other like-minded people and much more.
If you're in a band... must check out our features! The 'Musicians Trade Journal' recently reviewed 50 music-related sites. The result? They ranked SoundClick the "#1 free website to promote your band on the internet" ! Netscape, AOL, Lycos, Infoseek and others agree - they all currently list us as 'Editors Choice' (or equivalent).

You get unlimited webspace for your band. You can have your music in mp3 format or in streaming audio only. Full-length, stereo, near-CD quality that is. Message boards, news, mailing lists, lyrics and song story pages, member pages, and contact information are all included. Sell your music as MP3 download through us or get promos such as frontpage rotation.
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If you're with a label...
..then send your artists onto our site. Broadcast your videos in broadband quality here. We work closely with you to raise awareness for new bands or releases of yours.
Some of the labels we're already working with (currently about 2000) are Hollywood Records, Tommy Boy, Atlantic Records, V2 Records, HeadsUp, DreamWorks records and others.
So sign up or contact us today.