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Step one: Sign up at SoundClick
Start by signing up a new (free) account at SoundClick.
Sign up at SoundClick here
Step two: Add your actual band account
Go to your band administration. There you can add as many bands as you like by clicking the 'add the actual band page' link.
You can add multiple bands under one account. But please note that we have a 'one artist - one page' policy.
Also, please make sure you choose the genre and subgenre which is most appropriate for your band. You can always edit your genre at
band administration page > pages > band infos > genre
Step three: The Interview
Answering the interview questions is actually optional. But we can only recommend to fill out the interview. If you want to build a fan base, give'em something they can relate to. Let them know where you're coming from and who are your idols. It makes your page so much more interesting.
You can later edit anything at
band administration page > pages > interview
Step four: Upload your song(s)
Go to
band administration page > songs > add song
to add mp3 songs to your page. To get approved you must upload at least one full-length song.
If you have problems uploading a song, please see this page for some common mp3 and upload issues.
Please note:
  • after your first song upload your artist/band account should get approved within 24 hours
  • only approved bands are listed in our search index
  • only approved bands appear on the charts
  • only approved bands can sell MP3 singles and MP3 albums


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