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Add as many tracks as you like, no restrictions. Your listeners will appreciate the sound quality of our 160 kbps song streams. Our song downloads offer a choice between 320 kbps or even lossless WAV format. You only need to upload a lossless WAV file, and we convert the song into different sound formats automatically.
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Our site is completely mobile-friendly. So the version you see on your Android, iPhone or iPad is just as great as the desktop version.
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Sell single songs or combine multiple songs in an album. You set the price and charge whatever price you like. Not sure which price to set? Then let the user set the price they are willing to pay. Regardless of the set price we let the user add an additional tip, as a show of support. You'd be surprised how often users do tip! After the purchase the user can immediately download the item in the sound quality he or she prefers.
License your beats
We've been known as the place to license your music for years. Lease beats to other artists, labels, TV shows, movies. We handle all financials and the instant delivery of tracks. You can offer up to 5 different types of licenses, from simple MP3 file licensing to complete exclusive licenses. Every producer can add trackouts/stemfiles for the higher-priced licenses, even with a free account. You set your own price. As with regular songs, there are no limits to the number of tracks to license. So you can upload your complete beats catalog to SoundClick.
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Add the professional finish to your online presentation by going Pro. This option allows you to upload even larger song files. There are no ads on your artist page. You can customize your artist page layout, and have CSS control over your added Pro page. You pay 0% SoundClick fees from any of your sales, singles/albums or beat licenses. All for a low monthly fee of $15.
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