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Back Door Parole

play hi-fi  Genre: Blues > Blues Rock
current charts song: Free Tonite
status: unsigned
Member since: Oct 09, 2018

Faintly audible over the angry growl of hundreds of Harley Davidson V's and the screams of the crowd is the relentless, throbbing beat of the biker band, that unique rock n' blues outfit that feeds the excitement of that extremely rare experience... the outlaw biker "run". The band takes no breaks, they play as loud as their road worn amplifiers will allow and nothing is quite like it. Raw, driving guitars, thunderous drums and face melting bottom end power the night forward until the last note is rung and usually just as the sun is rising. Those who get to experience it never forget it and for those rare musician lucky enough to be on that stage that night nothing ever will come close to it. Biker Rock...turn it up.

Bluesy Ron

play hi-fi  Genre: Blues > Blues General
current charts song: message in a rainbow
status: unsigned
Member since: Oct 07, 2018

The songs that I place here are a variety ranging from blues, rock and maybe even a little jazz. All songs here were written, performed using real instruments (I simply loathe VST's and refuse to use them) that I actually play myself, recorded using presonus studio one.3, and mastered on the same software. I hope you enjoy.


play hi-fi  Genre: Blues > Blues Rock
current charts song: Project2 sweet dreams
status: unsigned
Member since: Sep 20, 2018

Dmitri Rock is a Canadian guitarist, songwriter and producer. Dmitri Rock had played in several blues/rock bands, the earliest of which was the L M., and Dim2rock.

Sun Dogs

play hi-fi  Genre: Blues > Cover Songs
current charts song: Blue Highway.
status: unsigned
Member since: Sep 01, 2018

Band Members as of August 2018 Drums-Vocals:Lance Pritchett Guitar-Vocals: John Thompson Guitar-Vocals:Robin Tyler Organ-Vocals:Jay G. Lewis Bass-Vocals:Mike Boulden We are a Cover/Original Band,that rehearses in a Barn 15 minutes west of Camden,Delaware.

Blues From The Matrix

play hi-fi  Genre: Blues > Country Blues
current charts song: That Train
status: unsigned
Member since: Aug 29, 2018

One-man original modern-folk-blues with vocals. Totally unplugged contemporary-vocal-blues accompanied by an acoustic guitar exploring current subject matter. Unpredictable, following no particular style or genre, though inspired by older style country and folk-blues, and jazz. Independent artist recording live with a portable recorder. Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1965... Around 1976 I heard Led Zeppelin's Dazed and Confused on the radio in Melrose Park, Illinois... Around 1977 we moved to Blue Mound, Texas... Around 1980 I experienced jamming with acoustic guitar playing friends in the backyard having fun. In 1985 at the age of twenty I hit the open road alone exploring the USA... Recently in June 2018 at the age of 52 I left Phoenix, Arizona a place that had gotten way too big and polluted for me. I currently live in Downers Grove, Illinois. 'These songs are documents of the reality and madness we are in and my progress in escaping it, or at least dealing with it. Easy listening rhapsodies, real alternative, now, mellow, thought provoking, free flowing independent songs. Sacred vibrations straddling my intellect and the psyche. Reaching to creator and creation ... the lyrics, the sounds, the thoughts constantly reflecting the changing realities constructed within. Realities forced, revealed, hidden, and unknown. To lose the world and regain my soul, this is my quest, this is my journey.' Some of my biggest influences now are podcasts. Here are live links to my current favorite podcasts by others (click on the highlighted areas): #1. Dr. Jennifer Daniels at RBN. Dr. Jennifer Daniels is a brilliant doctor who reveals a medical industry you may not know about. Also check out her whole catalogue at vitalitycapsules.com/truth-files. (occasional poor audio quality). Dr. Jennifer Daniels, Rainbow Soul, Vitality Capsules-Truth Files, Republic Broadcasting Network. #2. Clint Richardson (archives/interviews) (corporation nation radio archives .wordpress .com). This is a guy who really gets to the heart of what matters like no one ever has. Clint's archives and occasional new content are increasingly relevant to the times we are in. #3. Crrow 777. Crrow 777 is a very hard working truth seeker. #4. Sage Of Quay. Sage Of Quay is a great conspiracy researcher with great guests. Also: Fakeologist.com: a great site of various inputs with audio chats by random call-in contributors. Patrick Jordan (vaccinefraud.com): a brilliant researcher exposing the horrific vaccine industry and more. Govern America: truth seeking way above mainstream. Sofia Smallstorm (About The Sky): a great conspiracy researcher and thinker with great guests. I've got the blues and I'm not afraid to admit it. Ron - Blues From The Matrix - October 15th, 2018.

Nelson Checkoway

play hi-fi  Genre: Blues > Electric Blues
current charts song: Yardbird Suite
status: unsigned
Member since: Aug 19, 2018


play hi-fi  Genre: Blues > Cover Songs
current charts song: Kannullone Karingundhaa
status: unsigned
Member since: Jul 29, 2018


play hi-fi  Genre: Blues > Country Blues
current charts song: MORE WHISKEY 1
status: unsigned
Member since: Jul 12, 2018

Jeff Kallman

play hi-fi  Genre: Blues > Blues General
current charts song: Sea You Later
status: unsigned
Member since: Jul 12, 2018

Robert Beacon

play hi-fi  Genre: Blues > Acoustic Blues
current charts song: Wished I Was In Heaven Sitting Down
status: unsigned
Member since: Jul 11, 2018

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