Parody of "What is Love" by Haddaway
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March 02, 2010
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Story behind the song
News came out recently about Lamar Advertisers deciding to change the Avenue Q promotional poster in Colorado Springs. It seems like a smart more to me as Colorado Springs is the home of Focus on the Family. This did make me think, though, about a cynical response to this being because people just did puppet felt. So here's that idea fleshed, or furred, out.
Puppet love Want me some brown felt Or feathers Or fur Wear low cut blouses But don’t need a skirt Puppet love Yeah Oh I don’t know Why I must stare It’s your button nose Or your yarn hair No legs in sight No puppet thongs That I can find (Chorus set) Blue Oh I can’t wait This much is true To get my hand Inside of you I’ll move your mouth Must keep lip synch Don’t get it wrong (Chorus Set) Pink Puppet Love Puppet Love Puppet Love Looking for Prairie Or Piggy Or Orm Some Zoe Some Cindy Don’t even bother To tell my mom This is my love My dream Control you forever When I maneuver Your arm rods Puppet love Want me some green felt Or feathers Or fur Puppet Love Wear low cut blouses But don’t need a skirt Gimme some Cookie Some Ernie Some Fozzie Puppet Love Give me some Abby Gnu Gary Roary Give me some Maddie Dilly Dally Harvey Give me some Gracie Some Whizzy Some Bert Some Henrietta, Some Big Bird, Some Bert Some Howdie Doodie, Some Oscar, Some Bert Puppet Love