Seven years on, and the GOP still tries to wring political mileage and advantage out of the 'War on Terror' year later, 'Camp Jihada' still swings and rings true
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September 11, 2008
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Ponchielli,Sherman/New Lyrics: Norm Gaudet © @2007 Norm Gaudet
Story behind the song
Just felt like writing a primer on the War on Tare-Err. And when it comes to parodies, I'm the Decider...I'm the Commander Guy.
CAMP JIHADA (from "Camp Grenada") Hello Mullah, got your Fatwa How are things in Camp Jihada? You could use a new Mahatma He could put an end to killing folks for Allah… Those Shiite bombers in black turbans They don't need no plastic surgeons They could be Arabs, they might be Persian Up in Paradise they'll claim six dozen virgins Their Sunni brethren, those deadly snipers I.E.D. men, Ba’athist gripers They’re insurgents, and mosque igniters Now you got Shiite Death Squads, whacking Sunni fighters (U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A …) We've got Christians, Jews, Arabs, Pagans “Hooters” lovers, and hard-core Vegans Most are chillin’, they’re not crusadin’ But the world sees all that bombin’ and invadin’ We’re the good guys, so we keeps saying (we’re the Good Guys) But some countries keep disobeying (better fly right) If we don't like the games they're playing (pre-emptive strike) We’ll just liberate them and we don't mind staying We don’t "torture", no, we just “render” A change of scene for key offenders And they come back so soft and tender We discount reports of pliers, drills, and blenders Well this whole mess could just last forever (until the Judgment Day) ‘Cause our leader’s not real clever (what can we say?) He thinks God steers his sad endeavor (oy vey) He can’t see that he's a big part of the Terror And a mission from God wouldn't have so many errors