Written by Matthias, Recorded by Below Average Dave, Matthias' contest embattled classic recorded.
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33 songs
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May 24, 2009
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Matthias (writer)/B.A. Dave (Singer) © 2009
Story behind the song
You have to read it, really.
(Chef spoken) "Welcome to Che' Carnivore' It is sure worth the price To taste my treasures But for you, it's free tonight So now Grab my tenderloins No need for silverware As the slaughter house proudly presents Your dinner" (Chef sung) She Loves Meat She Loves Meat It's my ladies favorite treat From Pastrami to Salami Thinks that meat cannot be beat Bacon Links Spam From Jars She's the brand new Hamburglar Get things beef stuffed Clams or fishes It's so tasty She'll lick dishes Chicken Wings Sweet Romance Made her taste buds Conga Dance Suck and savor, dear Don't have to be discreet My sausage passed her taste test It's the food she loves best She Loves Meat! Loves My Meat! She Loves Meat!!!! Roast beef stew Sirloin Steak Crab, and Flounder* she'll partake Love to share, I'll serve it rare Unless chicken then it's baked Off the bone Or prepared Massive meat will leave you chaired Ham is yummy Pork's sustaining But my tube steak's always reigning Broiled, Smoked Cooked on spits Take it out or she'll throw fits Cause my meat's her favorite taste It gets her wet You splashed the gravy, lass That doesn't go on bass Yeah, She loves meat Want to eat? Butcher shop is quite elite She Loves Meat! She Loves Meat!!! She Loves Meat!!!!!! Once A Vegetarian Meat was ate by big barbarians Salad bowls, and fresh baked rolls She fed upon Ah, those horrid plates of plants weren't useful Lettuce leafs are like I grazed my lawn For beef she's been lusting Still thinks Haggis is disgusting Meat goes straight to thighs She likes it for the thrills The past I just bummed around the kitchen My grub she's adorin' But got nothing on George Forman (Girlfriend) I Love Meat! Love His Meat!!! It just makes my day complete!!! Dinner whore, I'll take on four That's in servings that I'll eat For Desert Mince meat pie Rushed, I'll eat it on the fly When it's tough Then I start chewing It's not troubling He's still wooing Like it warm Not too hot Cayenne steaks That hits "the spot" Clean it up! Don't leave your restaurant a mess Still got a lot to chew I'm not too full For you I Like Your Treat (Still Eat Meat!!!) Huge Receipt (Still Eat Meat!!!) (Butcher Shop) We Love Meat!!! Love Your Meat!!! Dripping sauce from face to feet We get leers, from boss at Mutton World, fears Her job's complete Joyous squeals On our knees (Chef) Do not beg, I aim to please (Girlfriend) While my hunger keeps on growing Satisfy you I'm not slowing Course by course Ton by Ton (Butcher) Till I'm out "Then meat won't come!!!" Once our fling is done you'll sleep Rinse and repeat (Girlfriend) Tonight I'll leave my gut out Seafood day, You'll cut trout I Love Meat!!!! (Butcher) Loves My Meat!!! (Girlfriend) I Love Meat!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Butcher Shop) WE!!! ALL!!!! LOVE!!!! MEAT!!!!!!