Written by Matthias, Recorded by Below Average Dave
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Podcasts - Parody
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33 songs
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January 15, 2009
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Matthias (writer)/B.A. Dave (Singer) © 2009
So why do my boxers hang off of that post? I had a few drinks they were free but at cost I'm running with nude guys "cross a stage The cops bring my ass in for few days But now I'm free to carry on The Jell-O shot lines make your head start to glow You're faking you're sober when police start to show They ask me to please come walk this line I make a few inches, and land on spine I'm locked in chains and carried out Cause its simple Frat Play You slurp those drinks down You light up a bong, just shut your lungs down You put on a show You drank too much wine If drunk was a style you'd be looking fine You love this Frat Play The cameras don't lie You want to buy film? Its 12 bucks online Titled "Frat Play" "Gone wild Frat Play" Well, you are a boozed guy everyday Just point and laugh: Uni-vers-a-tay Cause you don't read or learn at all You live off Frat Play A wild ho-down The one with the thong is going around Adults waste their dough To teach you? Yeah right! The books in that pile are simply Playboy You had to Frat Play The Karma just bites You're parents come down and their hair just went white To see your Frat Play (Screeeeeeeeewed Sorry Mate) Sometimes this college just makes you think You'll flip burgers all life long You'll ask, "Want fries with that" Life would blow But you could be hell of a lot wrong So light that booooong (Yeah, yeah) So now your main ration is Ramen and toast Ooooh, and rye Just have a few drinks till your cookies are tossed Cause you have to Frat Play They call you ass-clown A whiz on their lawn will switch that around You live like Bluto That "Animal" guy The geeks call you vile, but the chicks call you fine They're into Frat Play They've seen what they like You're copin' a feel one more time You love to Frat Play You gotta Frat Play Had to Frat Play Ooooh... Lads they Frat Play Ooooh... Grad? No Frat Play Ooooh... Glad to Frat Play