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A little bit o' the old agitprop... see if you can spot the current events (fall 2008) references... Quiz on Monday.
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Rock - Folk Rock
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October 05, 2008
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I guess I was sitting a little close to the computer screen last few thousand times I checked Google News...
I've got a thousand lies I can't wait to tell you I've got a bridge to nowhere I know I could sell you I've got a real nice dream as phony as hell you know it's all a part of the game I know the rules I'm making them up anything that works just to stay on top I don't care who else takes the drop 'cause it's all a part of the game tell a lie often enough people forget where the truth leaves off but sometimes that truth can be pretty rough besides it's all a part of the game I've got a reason for all that I do life's got a meaning I'll explain it to you it's all about me it's not about you and it's all a part of the game