Sneak preview/songwriter demo... but, frankly, I think we're talking b-side, here. Are we virtualized enough to sustatin a c-side?
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Rock - Folk Rock
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23 songs
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March 31, 2009
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3:26 minutes
TK Major © 2008, TK Major
Story behind the song
Wrote and recorded 2008-09-06 (yesterday as this is written). This version probably won't be around long.
Rainy Day on Temple Ave I saw her again and she was smiling in the sun but I remember when she was down and almost done she had herself a man and he was doing her so wrong she said I'll give you what I can but I'm not sure that I'm that strong And I said Baby, that's OK I know I should not stay I wouldn't want your tomorrows to be as sad as our today There was a time when I counted the two of us as one there was a dream I thought all my darkness was all gone Some things have to be and some things can never last for long and some time you just see to try to hang on is just ( so damn) wrong And I said Baby, that's OK... One drink buys the next until you're staring at the stars wondering what went wrong and wondering where the hell you are Ten thousand miles ago but I guess I haven't come all that far I'm still wandering through these streets I'm still lost among those stars And I said Baby, that's OK... 2008-09-06 (C)2008, TK Major