Intended as a songwriter demo, this country rocker has developed a small, but limited -- er, loyal -- following.
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June 21, 2008
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TK Major © 2008, TK Major
Story behind the song
If you've been around, you know that "doll eyes" are the flat, unseeing eyes of someone who is deeply under the influence of drugs. This songwriter demo has more than a few rough edges but should amuse OBN fans, revealing songwriter TK's country roots.
She's Got Eyes Just Like A China Doll refrain: She's got eyes just like a china doll They look painted on and yet they've seen it all All around Long Beach and all the way to LA the shattered lives are scattered and their hearts are spiked up on staves From the Ocean to the mountains from the birthplace to the grave Once you behold her nothing will ever be the same Everywhere you go everything is all about the same they wander around dazed just barely whispering her name they walk in front of buses they throw themselves under trains but the sick smile on their faces shows those sorry saps are still glad she came Well I looked into her eyes and I saw my life flash by Now I wake up screaming every time I see a doll's eyes I looked into the void and I saw myself fall in I see it every time I see it in her eyes It's always been Here I stand the last man to fall under her spell a moment close to heaven and an ice age on the cold side of hell And how can I face those other lost souls I find When I laughed at all of them and then now here am I the last one in line [ more music | | messages ]