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Astronomusic's Zozimo Rech and Adrianne Simioni lending their brilliance to one of our early tunes.
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November 25, 2008
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VMP, Astronomusic
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Thanks so much Adrianne and Zozimo!
Love! (Astronomusic Collaboration) What makes the world Go round? Love makes the world go round! For the single Mom Bustin' her ass for her kids, And for the wealthy yuppies That left a crappy tip. There's a force called kharma, Bearing down hard. Comin' right atcha By the grace of God. It's so damn tough just to get by. Dont let it break you down, You're doin' just fine. Joys, sorrows, lessons, hugs, Dont ever underestimate the power of Love! For the overworked Dad Workin' two full jobs. And for the box wine preacher Sleeping in the park. From the crooked politicians To the mild and meek, Every life's special, precious, unique. What makes it all go round? Love makes the world go round!