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A Parody to Under The Sea (from The Little Mermaid) about images of gods in various foods. I hope you know your mythology... try to keep up :-)
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July 13, 2008
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Here's a glossary for you: Loki = Norse god of mischief . . . Apollo = Greek god of the sun . . . Izanami = Japanese goddess of creation . . . Raiden = Japanese god of thunder . . . Diana = Roman goddess of the hunt . . . Ganesh = Hindu god (Lord of Obstacles) . . . Minerva = Roman goddess of wisdom . . . Set = Egyptian god of evil . . . Ra = Egyptian god of the sun . . . Aphrodite = Greek goddess of love . . . Indra = Hindu Lord of Heaven . . . Kali = Hindu goddess (of destruction?) . . . Quetzalcoatl = Aztec god of the sky . . . Yahweh = English translation of the Hebrew god of Israel . . . Poseidon = Greek god of the ocean . . . Thoth = Egyptian god of knowledge . . . Zeus = Greek ruler of the gods . . . Anu = Sumerian god of the sky . . . Ki = Sumerian goddess of the earth . . . Tyr = Norse god of law . . . Frey = Norse god of the elves . . . Thor = Norse god of thunder . . . Pan = Greek god of nature . . . Lugh = Celtic god of generalities . . . Guan-Yu = Chinese god (of war?) . . . Amaterasu = Chinese goddess of the sun . . . Ukko = Finnish god of the sky . . . Nike = Roman goddess of victory . . . Ares = Greek god of war . . . Demeter = Greek goddess of agriculture . . . Fridge Penguin = Stuart McArthur's buddy (inside joke I'm afraid) gnocchi = Italian dumpling . . . babaganoush = Middle Eastern dish made from eggplant . . . Post Toasties = Post's™ brand of corn flakes
Some folks see the face of Jesus In their morning pancake stack Madonna in their grilled cheeses Or Allah in midnight snacks They speculate their creator Is reaching out from beyond But me? When I make my supper I see entire pantheons Yum, Deities! Yum, Deities! Image of Loki Here in my gnocchi How can this be? The chariot of Apollo Shimmering in my lime Jello There’s Izanami In the salami Yum, Deities! At night when the fridge I’m Raiden To see if the fruit’s still fresh Diana, that huntress maiden Is in the babaGanesh It never got on Minerva To see all the things I saw Like Set in the plate I’m served of Those veg’tables in the Ra Yum, Deities! Yum, Deities! Sweet Aphrodite Dressed in a nightie In my Wheaties Visions of Indra and Kali Formed by the cream in my coffee The Holy Ghost is In my Post Toasties Yum, Deities! (Yum, Deities!) Yum, Deities! (Yum, Deities!) Quetzalcoatl On the wine bottle And in the cheese Mohammed’s pate in my pâté Jehovah’s face in my Yah-whey Is that Poseidon In my boiled onions Yum, Deities! There’s Thoth in the broth And Zeus in the mousse Anu in the stew Poured on my couscous There’s Ki in the brie And Tyr in the beer And Frey-filled filets of sole (Yeah) There’s Thor in the smores And Pan in the bran Both Lugh and Guan-Yu In tuna fish cans Amaterasu In choc’late fondue Ukko’s in the fish roe! (Musical interlude while I re-read Bulfinch’s Mythology) Yum, Deities! Yum, Deities! When Nike’s seen In the collard greens I feel quite at ease All of the many forms of God Can be located in the baked cod Now I see Ares In the raspberries Yum, Deities! This hunk of Gouda Sure look like Buddha Yum, Deities! My Belgian waffle And my falafel’s Shaped like Demeter (I guess I’ll eat her) Lastly, Fridge Penguin’s In my fried chicken Yum, Deities!