This is my first attempt at an out and out country style song. Hopefully I mean that in the Bruce Springsteen country style rather than Dolly Parton. The song describes a long lonely night of anguish over a tragic fight. Enjoy...
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February 05, 2009
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David Watson © David Watson
Story behind the song
I wrote this song after deciding that I really liked the chord changes in Neil Young's "I Believe In You". From that simple initial impetus I crafted my own song format using similar chords and as I played it through various words and phrases came to mind. The first two lines of the song just seemed right. From there the song built in a series of stages of lyric development until I had the right scenario. Only then did I think about the melody, which isn't very complicated in all fairness. Anyway the song is about some cowhand who has got a bit rough with his girl and killed her in a fit of anger. He is ruminating on this through "This Lonely Night" and intends to kill himself in the morning. I must like writing about this kind of despair, quite a few of my songs follow these themes of teetering on disaster or death. I hasten to add that no women were hurt in the construction of these lyrics. My wife did complain when I sang them, but that is understandable...!
It’s a fine sight, the moon’s so bright I’m sittin’ here, in this cold hard light I’m at the end of a long hard fight An’ ready, to cut loose from the pain It’s a cold fright, this lonely night I’m sick with fear, my stomach’s tight She was so slight, an’ I so right An’ ready to strike her down again There’s no goin’ back in time No way to undo my crime There’s no takin’ back the blow Nowhere for me to go Around me the town is wakin’ The milk is drawn the bread is bakin’ But it don’t hide the life I’ve taken I’m ready to take all of the blame My pistol’s drawn, the whisky’s gone I’m lookin’ down the barrel of my gun It won’t erase the thing I’ve done I’m ready to end my life in shame I’ll see you on the other side At the end of this lonely ride I hope I get to see it through An’ say again that I love you You call across the open plain Don’t tell me it’ll be in vain One shot will see me through One shot to be with you That’s all I got to do