Side 2 of this 45 is Acoustic Rock/ Funk Rock at its best. When this song was sung the anointing of God descended and people wept. Written by Rick Roman in 1973 it has been done in 3 different versions. This is the first version that was done in 197
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Rock - Christian Rock
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February 26, 2011
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Rick Roman © 1973
THE NEW JERUSALEM by Rick Roman There are kingdoms many kingdoms from which to choose, But just one Kingdom, Jesus Kingdom Is the one to choose ! My Jesus ! My only Jesus ! He's the way; He's the truth; He's the Life. (John 14:6) He can take you , He can place you in His kingdom Yes He Can And I saw, a new heaven and earth, (Rev. 21 :1) for the first one passsed a-way And there were no, no more tears (Rev- 21:4) just perfect harmony Then the City, (Rev- 21:4) that Holy City Descended from the heavens above (Rev. 21:10) And He carried me away In the Spirit , Yes, He did ! And I saw, pure rivers of water (Rev. 22:1) Life, clear as crystal, Proceeding out of the throne of God, rivers of Living Water. Now the tree, (Rev. 22:2-3) that Tree of Life, The fruit of it, healed the nations and there shall be no more, no more curse. No, there won't , No more curse , No, there won't Alleluia ,Alleluia , Oh sing, Alellula ,Allelula praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lamb, praise the Lamb Alleluia , Alleluia , Oh sing, Alellula , Allelula , Etc.