This song is about a bad relationship, because even though the man loves the woman he's with he can't be with her because she is what he is allergic to, and because he loves her he tries many different things to stay with her but nothing works out.
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September 20, 2008
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Story behind the song
This song is one the 1st Game of the Karaoke Revolution series and even though I don't own the first game I have played it, and wanted to parody the entire series, also I was always a fan of this song even though it might be a little bit emo.
Jen (Oh my god) You’re a babe And I’m a loser, a shmo It’s berserk I’m allergic to you You see I’m losing my hair When you go make-out with me You must think I’m a Dufus! I think you’re really sexy, but my skin’s turning gray I’m hating to admit that I’m allergic to you! Cause I’m sneezing, and I’m wheezing I’m allergic to you! It’s not Rover Because that dog is dead And when we flirt My eyes get puffy and red No Faker! Gut Quaker! Headacher! On a blind date with you And I felt that I might spew I’m no jerk But allergic to you Although I wear bowling shoes You’re still trying to get me to bed you While I’m gassy and nervous I’m feeling really crappy Yeah, I’m not feeling good I can’t hug you With this bad bellyache I’m trying to acquit but I’m allergic to you! Cause I’m weaving, and I’m heaving I’m allergic to you! Full of boogers All those tissues I shred With a fever Of one hundred and ten Nose Dripper! Harsh Cougher! How long have we been dating? As long as I’ve had hives I don’t think that we’ll be mating Cause I won’t survive This illness is legit, babe I’m allergic to you! Cause I’m croaking, and I’m chocking I’m allergic to you! We really oughta quit cause I’m allergic to you Nose is stuffy, eyes are puffy I’m allergic to you! Always shiver I break out in cold sweats See a doctor So we can go and have sex High Fever! Throat’s Sorer! I’m allergic to you! Headacher! I’m allergic to you! Loud Sneezer! I’m allergic to you! Tongue’s Dryer! I’m allergic to you! I’m Sicker!