I never had to go through getting repossessed (Except for when I'm playing The Sims, and in The Sims they don't take your platform shoes)
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Podcasts - Comedy
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July 15, 2008
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Matthias (Featuring Below Average Dave) © March 14th, 2008
Story behind the song
This song was originally made for the Barry White Round, and since it placed 4th (Which is..... okay....) I had to record it.
I heard my mom say “Don’t go take something you cannot pay for, baby” (Oh no) But with loans and credit There’s many things that I bought That I can’t buy or won’t buy But I had to buy it for some fun I bought too much with it I just bought too much Oh no, Bank (I think) I’m repossessed Took a whole bunch of my stuff, Dang! Pearls in yoyos, and pogo sticks! They took a while bunch of my stuff, Dang! The things that I got used to Like TP that’s 4-ply It’s like the more I spent the more they want They took my business ties (Oh no! Bank!) Oy Vey! I couldn’t pay Back off all my dues This can’t be real! (There goes my platform shoes!) And now they’ve got me pissed They say I’m full of greed It’s the fine print that I just didn’t read Hurl! (Crap! Oh no!) I am so full of fear It’s not just spare change Stuff’s removed I read their claim And now I am feelin’ screwed! Repossessed Took a whole bunch of my stuff, Crap! Like Hohos, and Snow Globes, and Oboes! Yikes! They took a whole bunch of my stuff, Crap! No dough now Dude, If I could make some green And pay these suckers back Yeah, a bit of green is all I need But my work makes me jack McJobs suck! And now they regain All the things I wear They want my toothbrush And Rogaine for my hair Still, They’ll keep robbing me Until I’m robbed blind Not metaphorically They took my contact eye I’m giving you a warning These banks won’t cheer If you take out a loan And you’re approved Then if you’re late When you’re paying off your dues (You’re) Repossessed They’ll take a whole bunch of your stuff, babe Screw you, Bank! “Warning: It may take half of your cash To buy it But you can believe it’s going to take the rest of your cash To keep it” Oh no, Bank! I’m Repossessed! They took a bunch of my stuff, Dang! Yeah, my Volvo, my Fro Glow, and Dodo birds Took a whole bunch of my stuff, Dang! Yup, Repossessed! Took way too much of my stuff, Damn! Oh Damn! My Dojo, my Tow Rope and Frodo ring Took a whole bunch of my stuff, Damn! Grrrrrrr!!! Repossessed You took a whole bunch of my stuff bank!