This song won the Aerosmith Artistry Round, and gladly so because Aerosmith is one of my favorite artists. This song was hard to come up with an title and an idea for.
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Podcasts - Comedy
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June 16, 2008
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Matthias (Featuring Below Average Dave) © March 14th, 2008
Story behind the song
I was struggling to come up with an idea for this song and after watching my video to Below Average Dave's, "That's My Cooking" I decided to take that same route and call my song, "It's My Cooking" aka "Steve's Diner"... (A rip-off maybe, but it was still fun to write AND record)
I burnt the sauerkraut And dried the lettuce thin I need, “Cooking For Dummies” To help me in my kitchen Cut myself with a knife And now the pasta’s stained You smell my food And Faint! There’s a paperclip In the casserole Yeah, I thought I could cook But my burgers taste like coal (Yu-uck!) When my oven’s on fire Due to the French fries And my dishes are full Of flies! It’s My Cooking! Saw the blink of an eye (My fish are sure a fright!) Gross! It’s My Cooking! When the dessert arrives, you’ll be chugging down your Sprite Yuck! It’s My Cooking! And I’m serving some Tums for infected guts tonight A chef of pain, torture, and creation So how hot would you like your chicken wings? On a gurney for your operation That’s the last time you’ll eat my homemade onion rings Bleah! I need to learn to bake And also learn to cook But I can’t do neither, even from the book Oh no! Come and try the frog’s legs Oops! They’re still alive I’ll go make them Deep-Fried! It’s My Cooking! Since you saw how I fry, you’re scared to take a bite Gross! It’s My Cooking! With each platter of food your skin it grows more white Ugh! It’s My Cooking! I’ve become the slayer of the decrepit tongues tonight! The decrepit tongues! And infected guts! (Random jibberish)