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Tommy (from the original song) and the story of how he was 'down on his luck' as a little kid.
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February 22, 2008
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Matthias (Featuring Below Average Dave) © February 21st, 2007
Story behind the song
I needed to come up with something that was both Emo/Punk/Metal and Toys/Games... Thus the creation of this. This came in 3rd place for Decathlon: Mark 2, Event 4: Toys and Games. Thanks to Jeff Reuben for the request.
(You should be careful Of what you wish for) Tommy moved away from his buds Such a depressed tyke A stuffed bear named Judd’s His friend, One friend Santa heard this small child say “I wish Judd were alive so we could go and play Dear God, Dear God” He went and granted Tom’s wish, but Judd’s not nice He’s getting into trouble, and the curtains are sliced In the clam chowder adds his own “spice” Oh God! He’s the Anti-Christ!!! Whoa! Now Tom is scared! Whoa! Living Teddy Bear! Barbie’s head Nailed to a chair! Whoa! Living Teddy Bear! Tommy needs a shotgun and glock On his Etch-A-Sketch a Pentagram Is chalked (No bluff, Mischeif) Sacrificing Tommy’s Gameboy A hex he recites To the devil Tommy is annoyed (Damn toy!) Judd turned the Toy Box into a shrine He raised a toast to Satan and he drank all dad’s wine On Beanie Baby skulls he dines Oh No! Show this on Dateline!!! Whoa! A kid's nightmare Whoa! Living Teddy Bear! Chucky’s bland Nothing in compare Whoa! Living Teddy Bear! Satan’s Teddy Bear!!! Although he looks like Winnie The Pooh If you sleep at night you’ll be used in Voodoo Whoa! Satanic glare Whoa! Hear him cuss and swear Pray for help From that Buzz Lightyear Whoa! Living Teddy Bear! Whoa! He’s Hitler’s heir Whoa! Toys beyond repair! Make a wish But please beware Of... The Living Teddy Bear! (Fade out into blackness)