Melodic House remix (with Major chords) of Byzantine chant, turned into something completely different!
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June 05, 2007
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WinterSwimmer © Omadeon
Story behind the song
(by WinterSwimmer) Unlike... Mikis Theodorakis, I never actually... liked Byzantine Music! I always found it too limited (in harmony), too austere and too solemn, as well as too hopeless to endure the winds of change (and the Renaissance Spirit of Spring)... However, after a short Byzantine phrase recording I did (back in 2004) it became evident that the phrase could be transformed into something... completely different, enhancing the original Byzantine melody with Major Chords, "Atlantean Harmonies" and light-weight ambient trance beats, with a gentle sensual Female Voice as a background. The Byzantine phrase (or short chanting melody) chosen, turned out to be not accidental at all: It is the phrase "Epi ton Kyrion", which means (in literal translation) "Over the lord". Now... WHO is "over the Lord" (or God)? Who else than the Ancient Great Goddess (of love and compassion) with the Many Faces: Venus-Aphrodite, Artemis, Demeter, Athena, Isis, etc... Finally, the icon used for this song is an oil-painting done many years ago. You can see a bigger picture of the painting in my On-line Art Gallery.
Main repeated male chant: "EPI TON KYRION" (Over the lord) female whisper intensifying: "I love you, I need you"