WinterSwimmer's original techno-satire of Greek... archbishop Christodoulos, which became No. 6 in the World's TOP 10 Charts of Electronica Music (in I.U.M.A.) back in the summer of the year 2000...
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Electronic - Techno
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September 15, 2006
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Story behind the song
WinterSwimmer: This song became No. 6 in the international top 10 Charts of Electronica music,a nd stayed in that ultra-high position for several weeks, in the year 2000. Click herefor an exact copy of I.U.M.A.'s Top 10 Chart web page, at the time. (Those pages -like others- have been archived by several dedicated 'Internet History Archival Sites', so that they can never be erased, even though they no longer exist on line). Anyway... here is the story of this song:
Greece suffers (since 1998) from a very conservative (ex-junta collaborating) religious leader. I consider him to be a disgrace and a menace. His racist and nationalist ideas paralysed the country, back in the year 2000, when he started his (in)famous "people's rallies" in favour of... religious intolerance and bigotry. So, I took samples of his voice (while he was delivering his Hitler-like speeches) and used them as voice samples for this song (after extensive "cookery"). Well, I never got sued or arrested for this, but... there was quite a controversy in Greece, at the time... :-)
(in translation) "anyone daring to lay his hands on the church, has had his hand burned", etc. (to be filled-in, in detail, but.... quite void of real meaning, and full of pure 100% bigotry).