Please help stop the oncoming World War! Jay Droz sings and plays to honor the lost in 9/11/01 in NYC, the US Ambassador and staff in Libya and the four US Marines doing their job, but we've all got to do more. It's definitely starting now.
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Jazz - Jazz Vocals
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August 18, 2007
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WE'VE A STORY TO TELL TO THE NATIONS Words and Music by H. Ernest Nichol, 1896 We've a (Eb)sto(Edim7)ry to (Bb7)tell to the (Eb)nations That shall turn their (Ebdim7)hearts to the (Eb)right. A (Bb7)story of truth and (Eb)mercy, (Bb7)A (Cm)story of (F)peace (F7)and (Bb)light. A (Eb)story of (F7)peace and (Eb)light. Refrain: For the (Eb)darkness shall turn to (Bb7)dawning, And the dawning to noon-day (Eb)bright, (Bb7)And (Eb)Christ's great (Ab)king(Adim7)dom shall (Eb)come (G)to (Cm)earth, (Fm7)The (Eb)kingdom of (Abmaj7)love (Bb7)and (Eb)light. We've a story to be sung to the nations That shall lift their hearts to the Lord, A song that shall conquer evil, And shatter the spear and the sword, And shatter the spear and the sword. Refrain We've a message to give to the nations That the Lord who reigneth above Hath sent us His Son to save us, And show us that God is love. And show us that God is love. Refrain We've a Savior to show to the nations Who the path of sorrow hath trod, That all of the world's great peoples Might come to the truth of God Might come to the truth of God. Refrain