To help celebrate that marvelous night when Jesus Christ was born! A Spanish Version (and English) of 'O Holy Night'. Feliz Navidad! Praise the Lord!
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August 17, 2007
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Noche Sagrada Oh santa noche, noche tan serena Tan bella cuando nacio nuestro rey, El santo rey Jesus, que vino al mundo A darnos paz, esperanza y amor. El dulce nino, priĀ­ncipe celeste, Divino rey Jesus, el salvador. Noche gloriosa, noche maravillosa, Oh noche de amor, oh noche divina, Oh noche de paz, oh noche de amor. O, Holy Night (C)O Holy night, the (F)stars are brightly (C)shining It is the night of the (G7)dear Saviour's (C)birth (C)Long lay the world in (F)sin and error (C)pining (C7) Till He a(Em)ppeared and the (B7)soul felt His (Em)worth A (G7)thrill of hope, the (C)weary world rejoices For (G7)yonder beams a (C)new and glorious morn (Am)Fall on your (Em)knees! Oh, (Dm)hear the angel (Am)voices! O (C)ni(G7)ght(c) di(F)vine! O (C)night (G7) when Christ was (C)born! O (G7)night (C) di(F)vine! O (C)night,(G7) when Christ was (C)born! (O night divine! )