Brush of Angel Wings, my Lord, your glory on my face! Words and Music by Jay & Pat Droz (5/06) in your honor Lord. Praise the Lord!
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August 13, 2015
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BRUSH OF ANGEL WINGS Words and Music by Jay & Pat Droz Polish & Spanish Translated by Jay Droz (Bb)Brush of Angel Wings my Lord, Your(Eb) glory on my face (Eb)Sound of voices singing hymns, (Bb)honor to your place. (Bb)Ecstasy of (Bb)prayer and verse is (Eb)glory to your place, (Eb)We pledge our lives and ask for grace, Your(Bb)glory (F7)on my (Bb)face.(Bb7) (Eb)Forgive me now, (Bb)forgive me now, I've (Cm7)learned to trust in (F7)Jesus, I've (Bb)learned to (F7)trust in (Bb7)God. (Eb)Oh bless my soul, (Bb)Oh bless my soul, I (Cm7)surely will love (F7)you forever (Bb)more. To Chorus (Spanish) El cepillar de alas de ángel Las palabras y la Música por Jay & Pat Droz Traducido por Jay Droz Coro El cepillar de alas de ángel, mi Señor, es Su gloria en mi cara, El sonido de las voces que cantan los himnos, el honor a Su iglesia. La éxtasis de la oración y el verso es la gloria a Su iglesia, Prometemos nuestro vive y pide la gracia, Su gloria en mi cara. Perdone mis pecados, perdone mis pecados Yo confio de Jesús, Yo confio de Dios. Ah bendice mi alma, bendice mi alma, Yo (seguramente) le adoraré para siempre más. Al Coro