Half composed, half improvised 1996. Microtonal work using 72 equal steps in octave.
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November 03, 2006
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6:31 minutes
Daniel Forro © Daniel Forro, OSA
Story behind the song
When I thougt how to make 72 equal steps in octave best way for easy live improvisation and on the XG instrument with possibility just to detune 12 tones in octave +/- 63 Cents, I got the simplest idea to use 6 times standard tuning shifted about 100/6 = 16 Cents. Then I needed for one sound 6 MIDI channels and detuning could be done quite simply just by Pitch Bend controller. I used this for piano and vocal sounds, then I added some melodic and other percussions on 4 left channels, and prepared form of the composition and some motifs (as a note series). All the rest is pure improvisation. As I used for every tuning layer standard keyboard, there were no restrictions concerning range or way of playing. Six shifts were recorded one by one as six improvisations so there are intentional imitations of motifs. Thus I combined microtones with traditional way of performing and the result is maybe more interesting when I would work directly with 72 equal temperament. To make it more interesting and to emphasize used principle I panned 6 shifted pianos in stereo.