Composed and recorded 1991. Microtonal work from inharmonic metallic bell-like sounds.
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October 07, 2006
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4:15 minutes
Daniel Forro © Daniel Forro, OSA
Story behind the song
I have used 40 different bell sounds, every of them plays during 240 seconds long composition same number of equal beats as its order number is (1 to 40), then last beat follows exactly in the beginning of 5th minute. Between some sounds there are always nodes. In such a way fractal visual object is created in the score with bell shape. As a result there's intentionally static sound study, meditative music bath, homage to the bells. Bells are tuned to pentatonic scale C-D-E-G-A in the range of 8 octaves, but thanks to the clangorous inharmonic character of the sounds resulting tone terrain is microtonal.