Composed and recorded 1996 as an improvisation on Yamaha SY99. Solo voice VL1.
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October 06, 2006
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Daniel Forro © Daniel Forro, OSA
Story behind the song
This work recalls asociations with Comenius ORBIS PICTUS, but its content reminds more "Labyrinth of the world, paradise of the heart" (I love this great parable since first reading in childhood, I'm co-author of the musical for Brno Theater Goose on String, which has been playing since 1983 and was done in new version in Jihlava Highlander Theater in April 2000). You can consider virtual reality, cyberspace and INTERNET as well. Lot of strange electronic sounds, microtones (Just Tuning), meditative atmosphere... Ending of composition is optimistic - let's find a paradise in our hearts!