Composed 1978-81, recorded 1991. Neo-Baroque electronics.
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Classical - Baroque
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October 06, 2006
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9:29 minutes
Daniel Forro © Daniel Forro, OSA
Story behind the song
I always loved Baroque music, Bach polyphony, until now I like to compose unusual and complex fugues as hobby and compositional training... And I loved as well W. Carlos record Switched on Bach. So in my 20 I did more polyphonic inventions, made a suite from it with the last advanced Gigue where all themes were combined and recorded manually first version on analog synthesizers in 1981. Ten years later I did last, more advanced version with Air 2 which is intervallic inversion of Air 1, add timbral interludes and made 14 minutes version on analog and digital synthesizers and sampler controlled by MIDI sequencer. Shorted 7 minutes version was published on CD "Looking East - Electronic music from CSFR", label Erdenklang, Hamburg, Germany. Because of 9.75 MB limit on Soundclick I divided composition into two parts. Movements in 1st part: Intrade - based on old British march, Interlude 1, Counterpoint 1 - two voices mainly, Interlude 2, Air 1, Interlude 3, Counterpoint 2 - three voices, Interlude 4, Canon - three voices in augmentation and diminution, Interlude 5 (part)