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Composed and recorded in 1996. XG demo version. Minimalistic microtonal work.
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May 03, 2005
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Daniel Forro © Daniel Forro, OSA
Story behind the song
Four alternating triad chords and their order are common, but they are specially tuned which is projected also in ratios of their root tones (out of equal temperament). It was complex task to find this tuning, as one note is used in more chords. Work unites the elements of statics and dynamics on various levels and in different way. First longer part (gradation) is in the strict rhythm and culminates in the most pleasant chord ever possible - 13 chord in Just Tuning. Second part - shorter anticlimax as a mirror of the first part - is in free rhythm on this chord. Only form of the work, harmonic plan, tuning and sound selection were prepared in advance, the rest, all music - was freely improvised.