Sound material - electronic (NI Absynth 2) & acoustic (DAMA DAMA percussion group). Published on CD Dama Dama: "Pangea" and on CD Daniel Forro: "Japanesque"
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October 07, 2006
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Daniel Forro © Daniel Forro, OSA, JASRAC
Story behind the song
Prayer to Fudoo Myoo was inspired by my first Japanese visit in February 2003, where I was deeply impressed by the architecture and special atmosphere of temples and shrines. After visiting Buddhistic ritual in Inuyama temple complex, accompanied by mysterious and suggestive sound part (deep taiko drums, bells and declamative singing of Sanskrit prayers), main idea for this work appeared in sharp contours. Fudoo Myoo (Akala - Unshakable, Bellicose) belongs to the inferior protective deities (Vidyahrahjah) serving to the Buddha. His demonic appearance should intimidate and he is really successful in it. He symbolizes psycho-spiritual state of unshakableness when faced to the passion, temptation, egoism and stupidity. I consider him to be really something stable, a necessary order in the chaos and entropy of the cosmos. As this deity is favorite for many Japanese people, probably they feel the same. Work tries to recreate an atmosphere of Japanese traditional culture & modern hi-tech Japan. It is framed by two quasi Renaissance chant pads to express meeting of West & East. Montage has 4 stereo layers, symmetric form (choral - bells - drums - bowls - vocals - drums - bells - choral). Work exists as a stereophonic or octophonic version.