Parody of Circus by Britney Spears
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May 10, 2009
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Jeff Reuben
You know that two types of lyrics are out there Ones that are clean and ones You cannot say on air Well just because we're all polite in the south Don't mean I ain't got A potty mouth When I play lotteries And don't win squat When I touch oven burners And they're still hot When I drive on the road I will shout obscenities if you're in my lane In front of me and you slam on your brakes Or steal my parking spot, you will feel my road rage "You effin a-hole! D-bag! Bastard! You're lame!" On a road trip, and I'm cut off by a dip I'm screaming curses Shite I feel so dumb, hammered nails into my thumb I'm screaming curses Don't stand there teasing me, Taunting me, you can bite me, F-U! When you act like a turd, gonna flip you the bird And shout some curses Report was done I was filled with pride But just before I saved My computer died So sorry, it looks like my hard drive's fried Chucked out the window And I cried When on the gym treadmill I always trip Bust up my head and elbow My pants get ripped Put on a TV show I watch some basketball and the ref calls a block "CHARGE REF! Damn you must be blind! What a crock!" You think I should calm down, but I don't give a flock "That call was B-S, that ref can suck my cork!" I'm on a date, I show up three hours late She's yelling curses When I try to flirt, spill my beverage down her shirt She's screaming curses "YOU TOOL YOU RUINED MY BRAND NEW BLOUSE, GET LOST YOU P-O-S!" Hoped to get her in bed, she poured drinks on my head And yelled some curses: "Eat me!" "What the eff you gonna do?" "You S-O-B!" (She's yelling curses) "Jerk, go to hell!" (yelling curses) Stung by a bee, covered with poison ivy I'm yelling curses When an angry putz, snaps and kicks me in the nuts I'm screaming curses Don't stand there watching and Laughing, get me some ice for down low When I'm stupid and drunk, acting like a damn punk I'm screaming curses My fridge is bare, because you ate the last pear I'm yelling curses Big game is in doubt, that's when the power goes out I'm screaming curses Sick of my whining and Bitching, ass, you know where you can go If you don't like my puns, and you vote me all ones I'll give you curses