Parody of Lifestyles of The Rich And The Famous by Good Charlotte. Lyrics and lead vocals by Jeff Reuben. Backing track by karaoke-version.
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June 16, 2009
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Jeff Reuben
Story behind the song
Looking for an intelligent, polite, stable man through internet dating? This is not him!
Wanna guy who's squeaky clean? Try out Match or eHarmony It's all the rage: the Net dating scene All the men are so laid back Smart, funny, life's on track Honest, polite...but that's just With boobs and G-strings I'm obsessed Imagining you undressed I'm a one track-minded guy My picture's hot but soon you'll frown Since then I've gained three hundred pounds Get your number then have the gall To not call Awwwwww... Profile: A Macho Ignoramus Girls say that I'm heinous Pain in the anus Hope my ex won't be a problem Still hung up on her How bout a threesome? Well did you know that I play games, I'm mean to my mom Hit on your sister cause I think she's the bomb If I meet your friends...I'll do my best to boink them And I'm closed-minded, dishonest, I've been called insincere Hate culture but I love sports, "Hope you brought me beer" I haven't had a job in over twenty weeks I don't like travel, hate the beach On your money I will leech I not be educated Said I'm 6'4" but I'm 4'6" I'm rude to waiters just for kicks I stick my foot out and they fall And we brawl Profile: A Macho Ignoramus I'm not on the A-list But I'm in-famous I don't cook...not into cleaning No conversations With deeper meanings Awwwwwwww... Profile: A Macho Ignoramus Chicks say I'm outrageous Think I'm contagious I won't go to fancy diners I'll take you to McDonalds But nothing finer Profile: A Macho Ignoramus Don't do romance, respect or love Cause I'm a lame ass Profile: Macho Ignoramus Profile: Macho Ignoramus Profile: Macho Ignoramus