Experimental - My help is in the name of the Lord Jesus the maker of heaven and earth.
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Rock - Christian Rock
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February 20, 2011
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Music: Rick Roman, words: The bible © 2004
Story behind the song
The attacks of the devil. The help we get from the Lord.
SELAH Let God Arise Let His enemies be scattered Ps. 124:8 My help is in the name of the Lord Jesus the maker of heaven and earth Ps. 122:6 May those who love you be secure I will say to the Lord Jesus Ps. 91 you are my refuge and my fortress my God in whom I trust Surely the Lord Jesus will save me from the devils snare and from the sickness that kills For Satan is a liar and a thief to my confidence in God a robber of the breath of life If the Lord Jesus had not been on my side when evil spirits attacked me Ps. 124 when their anger flared against me They would have swallowed me up alive the flood would have engulfed me the torrent would have overwhelmed me the raging waters would have swept me away Praise be to the Lord Jesus who has not let me be torn by their teeth I have escapt like a bird out of the devils snare the snare has been broken and I have escaped Selah