Rock/ Percussion, keyboard, Bass - To go on in Christ regardless of what we are going thru is very important in this journey to the Son, Christ in us, the hope of glory.
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Rock - Christian Rock
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February 20, 2011
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Music: Rick Roman, Some of the words: The bible © 2004
Story behind the song
I believe the Lord motivated me to write this song because I have a tendency to always dwell on my past hurts and failures. So it was an encouragement to me to stop thinking of the past and put eyes on the goal, which is Christ in us. Forgiveness is the only way to be free. The name say's it all.
DON'T LOOK BACK by Rick Roman How should a brave man be in character and attitude Always going forward with God allowing Christ to be formed with in way down deep inside Able to let false things go the strenght of Christ will abide to be always open to the truth way down deep inside Willing to follow the Holy Spirit the strenght of Christ will abide following the anointing within way down deep inside That bearing witness within yea yea yea Don't don't don't look back Grandpa where are you over here Grandpa I found you Bless my Lord