a demo for DePotorLand wherein George Potor plays guitar, bells, and all vocals
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November 01, 2013
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George Potor © 2013
Story behind the song
Inspired by an actual recipe, this song continues the Foodist Songs begun with Delicious Meat-shell Pie. Thanks to Joe for Foodist, Fred for the idea of bells, and Terri for Thank me later.
1 One box yellow cake mix Eggs, oil and flour One big can o’ SpaghettiOs Ready in less than an hour Blend on low for thirty seconds, Scrape the bottom of the bowl. Beat on medium for two minutes more ‘Til it’s smooth enough to soothe your soul Chorus: SpahettiOs Cupcakes with Velveeta Frosting And Goldfish Sprinkles (2x) SpaghettiOs…remain intact SpaghettiOs…slightly crunchy Might not get the cupcake concept But OH the frosting has all the flavor Start with frosting Thank me later Whoa-oh 2 One half-pound Velveeta Accept no substitute Take a chance, add a bit o’ vanilla Soften up some butter, too Electric mixer on low The Velveeta and the butter combine Slowly add the powdered sugar Frosting is approaching the Divine Chorus 3 Pipe or spread your frosting As soon as those cakes are cool Crumble up a handful o’ Goldfish You could even try Cheez-Its, too Cheez-Its or Goldfish Whichever you like that’s on hand If you’re wonderin’ “why vanilla?” Sometimes you gotta take a chance Chorus