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March 10, 2017
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Carroll Kiphen / Robert Baitinger
HELLO HEARTBREAK Verse Barkeeper bring a bottle - make it Johnny Red Me and my old pal here - have left a lot unsaid It's time I caught you up - on what's been going on On how I fell in love - and everything went wrong Pre-chorus If you sing me a sad song I'll buy you a round Tell you how she cheated, how she fooled around Chorus Hello heartbreak my old friend It's been awhile how have you been? Let's have a drink and reminisce Hello heartbreak, have I told you you've been missed? Bring us some tequila - make it Cuervo please I'll tell you the story - what she's done to me You know my history - we’ve both been here before Pass the bottle please - I need a little more Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge It's the last call and it's time to go home If you want to sleep it off I'm there all alone Misery loves company and we've got lots to share Heartbreak my old buddy, you're the only one who cares Chorus Lyrics: Carroll Kiphen Music: Robert Baitinger Vocals: Ian Jenkns