A parody of the Gorillaz big hit 'Feel Good Inc' about a friend's driving--all in good fun, though he'll be the first to admit it's not 100% inaccurate.
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"The Journey" Extended with vocal remix. From the spin off of the Instrumental Original mix from "A brilliant skyline across major cities " LP.
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February 26, 2015
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David © 2008
Story behind the song
Parody of Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc" and my 5th place entry into AmIRights prestigious SOTM contest for June 2008.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! shot gun, shot gun, shot gun, shot gun Squeal Good (through intro) Cruising through the streets, I'm picking up flack My friends are all so rude, they say I drive whack So what if I can't keep my eyes on the street You're getting way too antsy, Shut up in the back seat! Swerving down the highway, seat belts are worthwhile I'm Making lefts and rights playing with a dial We're all still alive, so don't make a peep My butt, ya'll can kiss, 'cause I won't hit that Jeep, no Where now, Where now G.P.S.? Hurry, I don't want to crash It's in you that I confide Now and then it let's me down Passengers they get so weak Riding around the town with me Where now, Where now G.P.S. My Patience getting thin Gotta pass these last cats, blast past, Getting round this whole rat pack, When you're riding no wise cracks or I will look back to smack. Ha, I hear you screaming into my ear Tears, Fear breathing heavy as I switch gears You got in, you chose your fate Ha ha ha ha ha haa. wipe yo frown, Got so down Shout mo nouns That sound irate You could ride the bus You cried and cussed "We're Death bound" Exaggerate We ain't dead, Calming, calming Stop Spinning your head So what if I cannot drive too straight Ha ha ha ha haa shot gun, shot gun, shot gun, shot gun Squeal Good (until next stanza) When I'm driving, take command Safe driving is bland, so bland Me and other cars collide But I can still get around Running red lights, scaring thee I need to change the damn C.D. Wait a second, what's this sand Oops, I'm on the beach. . . (shot gun, shot gun, shot gun, shot gun Squeal Good in background) (BAD from back seat) Look Up, watch it, watch it Don't want to die up in this Oh crap You have scared me straight Aha ha ha ha haa. Left turn, blinking, blinking My chance of living's sinking No, I meant your other left Aha ha ha ha haa. (End BAD) Squeal good, Ahhha ha ha ha ha Squeal good, Squeal good, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Squeal good