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A parody of The Charlie Daniels Band 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'
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March 24, 2015
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David © 2007, 2011
Story behind the song
Using backing track, with licensed permission, The Devil Went Down to Georgia is easily the hardest performance I've had to date. . .though "Bat Out of Hell" and "Crazy in Love" are pretty close to.
My cell phone was out of minutes, and my Neon had lost all four wheels. 'bout lost my mind, it was nowhere near nine, and the heat was almost unreal. When I chose this two year phone plan signed down my name quickly where X marked the spot. and the sales man smugged covering his whole mug, I guess he knew I'd be in a rut: I felt just like a puppet, because I didn't have a clue, If I had glared I'd be aware, Of all the charges there too. Yeah, it's true that I am well employed, but now I'm feelin' quite screwed. 'cause as this story unfolds, fell in a hole and now that darn bill is past due Those jerks said, "You're stuck sonny, we'll play a violin, 'Cause you'll pay that debt, that isn't a threat, with your contract we'll always win." So now I am always broke and can't pay for my car, 'Cause I've been duped in Florida and corp'rate left me charred I'm gettin' thin and all I've ever owned's been pawned or sold, I blew a fuse, and anger took it's toll! The next day I worked twelve to eight and I tried to save some dough. Went across to the dealership and this man put on a show. And then I rolled my pen right on the line and I guess this part I missed. When I left the bumper fell off, he said no warranty exists. Yeah, my lucks diminished, I had thought, "I can't get any worse: I'm done." But my life isn't fair my dear it's like I create debt for fun!" House off of a trail: tons of fun. The darn thing fell apart and my credits gone. Ghosts were in the attic wearing my clothes Chantin' through day light , "Go, Dave Go." It's then that I had fled cause' I felt like I'm dead meat and a priest thought he could fool me and chase those ghouls down the street Then I said "Pastor, I'm not stupid no, I won't pay you or your friends" The new neighbors bought that old dude's pitch and the ghosts left, I can't win Out on the house, no tons of fun The cell phone bill had left me feeling done Dealer pulled one on me n' I still owe, David now your life must blow, it blows