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August 10, 2015
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Life is short enjoy it. The thing is, I'm all for skydiving, coasters, etc. . .but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't take basic precautions when you do it. Lighting fireworks off your head? Swerving through traffic on a motorcycle? Aiming for tall objects when Skydiving? Jumping in a lion cage to pet a lion? Yeah--that's just not intelligent. It's what this songs all about.
Riding on a Harley, buddy Swerving between cars Listening to Charlie Daniels Flicking off four doors Giving bikers a bad name When you crash, its you to blame Gnarly what a crime Gnarly, Gnarly as you ran red lights Gnarly moron May-be Gnarly but it serves you right Gnarly Diving from the heavens buddy How it gets you pumped Aiming for a big tall tree Although there's lotsof stumps A fields there so I ask why You are aiming way up high? Gnarly! Hit a tree Gross but Gnarly As I watch for free Gnarly, what a tool You'll survive, but you look like a fool Gnarly Ooh, Some speak the language of 'moron' Ooh, Ice skate with no pants on--no pants on? Oo, Now you freeze and we care?, Stupid see! On YouTube, or JibJab, In the Air, on a Train Oh Darwin, Would be proud, of you two, and your games Gnarly, on the beach Surfing as a hurricane does breach Gnarly on a ride 'Cause you couldn't keep your hands inside Gnarly I cry As a skater lands rails tween his thighs Gnarly Gnarly as you jump train tracks as they arrive Gnarly laughs for free Gnarly, watching stupid morons cry