Track 5 from Modern Mayhem, this one takes on Adam Lambert and is a. . .well a little more direct than his song.
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May 03, 2015
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Below Average Dave (lyrics) © RECISIO (track used with permission) BA Dave
Story behind the song
I honestly was hearing the song, one of Adam's most powerful (well probably the most powerful among his stuff) and I was feeling, Adam's not letting it all out. It was obvious what he was getting at, I decided to be a little more forward about it.
Hey, Go away Why are you bugging me Why are you bugging me Please, you're insane Please get away from me Just get away from me You follow me around although I try to get away Oooh once upon a time I called it flattery But pal, This is it So Get the hell off of me Get the hell off of me Hang up the phone, Don't give me a shout Leave me alone, Imma knock you down Freakin' me out, How did you get my keys? Please stop coming around Hey, Why are you bugging me Why are you bugging me Why are you bugging me Yeah, I am angry (I am angry) that buddy your pitiful And there's something wrong with you (something wrong with you) It's you, You're a creep (yeah) So get away from me 'Cause you're making me feel icky (I feel icky) Most would call this a crime If you had bothered them this way Why do I even try When I know you won't leave my life Just give it up I'm not going out You can't come in, Can't you see my frown Move the hell on, I will call the police Please go to you're home now Hey, Just stop harassing me (Why are you calling me) Get far away from me Why are you bugging me (Why are you bugging me) Would you just f**king leave (aaaaaaaoooh) Get out of here now yeah, get out of here now and Sooo you won't give up I’ve had enough pal I won't give in, I am angry now You pissed me off (You pissed me off) Scared the crap out of me GET THE HECK OFF MY LAWN Hey, WHY ARE YOU BUGGING ME Is that my cup? Never mind just get out Please don't come back, Don't facebook now You messed me up, so it's best that you leave You make me feel bound Hey, Just get away from me (Just get away from me) Please don't be calling me (Please don't be calling me) Don't be obsessed with me Why are you bugging me