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June 19, 2016
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Vlayman © c. '16
All the Drugs c. '16 Vlayman Get the cork out, pour you another It's yer favorite way of ducking for cover Peel the bag open, make a line It's yer favorite way of stacking time CH With all the drugs and all the booze You hadda know you were gonna lose Twist the cap off crackin' the seal It's yer favorite way of numbing how you feel Draw the stuff up through the cotten It's yer favorite way towards ending forgotten Drums: Vezina Basses: IbzA-E_Brick_160_VC3Q AcGtrs: Martin-EV664-Eurek Vox: MD421n-VC1Q LdGtr: Tele-VT60-Sprlux-PM1000(pad)