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May 19, 2016
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Vlayman © c. '16
Burn You Down c. '16 Vlayman Speaking in tongues is all you do when I'm around And I love how you do it so without a sound You make your feelings known whenever I'm around I hate how you make 'em known all over town You have no subtlety and I bet you think that's fine It ain't just cruelty when I say I don't want you for mine You have no idear of real class, living as ya do by yer ass And it ain't yer fault I guess, but it's obvious you love bein' a mess You have no subtlety, no, always speaking in tongues I know you couldn't care less, but how ya do is wrong You hafta make your feelings known when I'm around But if I have a preference, it's that you don't make a sound Say that I'm your one desire Say it with a little fire I'll bring you to the pyre Say that I'm your one desire Say it with a little fire I'll burn you down Firemen and cops and soldiers can count on longer lives And drowning men will get a whole lot older if they don't look into yer eyes You don't realize that your truth is lies And I have the proof right here that you won't survive Drums: J.Mattera, H2 @ Lola's Den Vox: CADglx-Eureka-1176 Bass: Alvz-Brick-160XT_VC3Q Gtrs: Tele-TrdMrk10-SuperLx-PM1000(pad) Perc: J.Mattera- MXL860-Eurelka-1176