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April 24, 2016
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Vlayman © c. '16
Younger Women (Hey, Hey!) c. '16 Vlayman Standing in the shadows of lust I been shakin' t'il I rattle and cuss Standin' in the shadows of love I'm gonna do what I must Hey, hey Lookin' at ya through half closed eyes, yeah You make me think about how I wanna die CH: Hey, hey, what is it about younger women Puts me in mind of what I ain't been givi n' (#2 gettin') Ain't just a line that I'm singin', about my loneliness? Smellin' yer tears, tastin' yer hair What doya fear? Why can't ya stay? Why can't ya stay? Drums: DG Bass: HnrFL-Brick-160xt VoxMD735-Eureka-1176 Gtrs: Tele-PdlBrd-TT-EVnd-PM1000(pad)