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December 28, 2015
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Vlayman, derranged by Grankspoine © c. '15
The Way c. '15 Vlayman I know you feel you wanna keep every thing hidden Ain't never gonna put nothin' on display It ain't that you ever get to feelin' guilt-ridden, no That ain't yer way 2x And I know you cain't never really be happy Ain't never gonna show you ever even feel OK You never wanna seem close to what you really be, no That ain't yer way 2x I expect you'll reject any move I make toward you Ain't never gonna acknowledge it's even close to OK You never want no one to think they can afford you, no That ain't yer way 2x I don't know if I can show I ain't mean you no harm And I wouldn't put you at risk for just a lay There ain't no reason for you to feel alarm, no That ain't my way 2x I know I seem like the kind that always keeps things hidden I ain't the kinda guy puts it on display It ain't that I ever feel any kind of guilt-ridden, no That ain't my way 2x I don't know if we can go somewhere you'll feel alright I don't know, mebbe somewhere we can keep it bright as day There ain't no reason we can't do something in the light, no Do it that way, it's OK 2x Do it that way, it's OK, Pull down the shades Drums: nettage Bass: Alvz-Brick-1176_VC3Q Vox: Luna-Eureka Gtrs, horns, keys: Grankspoine